Galaxy S2 i9100

Once the Custom ROM installed, you just simply re-download the Google Play application is to do the restoration.

Installing ICS Foxhound V2 4.0.3

  1. Connect the Galaxy S2 to PC via USB cable.
  2. Enable USB storage on the mobile. If it does not appear automatically, disconnect the cable, go to ” Settings> Without son and Networks> USB> Mass Storage
  3. Drag the downloaded archive in the fourth prerequisite in the mobile memory.
  4. Disconnect the USB cable and then turn off the mobile.
  5. Light the Galaxy S2 in Recovery mode by pressing, in order and and hold ” Volume Up + Home + Power “(key” Home “is the black square at the bottom of the screen).
  6. Navigate within the keys ” Volumes “.
  7. Go to ” wipe data “, confirm with the button” Power or ” Home “and perform a wipe.
  8. Once done, go to ‘wipe cache “, confirm with the button” Power “or” Home “and perform a wipe.
  9. Once in the Recovery ClockworkMod, navigate using the buttons ” Volume “to” Install from sdcard zip “.
  10. Confirm by pressing ” Power “or” Home “.
  11. Select ” Choose from sdcard zip “or” Choose Internal zip from sdcard “ .
  12. Search the archive and install CyanogenMod (” Install )
  13. Make ” Back “>” Back “>” Now Reboot system “.
  14. Wait until the phone turns on completely.

But be careful not to delete the created new files in your memory:


And now for the first time (or not) you end up with a new Custom ROM in Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 on your pretty i9100 Galaxy S2 !

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