Backup, Restore, And Update Android On The HP TouchPad

 Backup, Restore, And Update Android On The HP TouchPad

In many cases, we should have found that this is a good approach to breathe new life into your tablet. While webOS has a sharp and appreciative user interface, a height is sadly lacking in applications.

However a versions of Android Ice Cream Sandwich that are now accessible for a HP TouchPad are also lacking. In particular, functionality of a camera and microphone has been missing, ensuing in a inscription that looks great, has lots of apps though isn’t utterly prepared to use.

As time progresses, developments to a drivers for these inclination will outcome in a entirely functioning Ice Cream Sandwich for a HP TouchPad; though how can we simply ascent your existent Android installation?

Introducing ROM Manager

Thanks to a ROM Manager utility, we can backup your stream Android installation, download and implement an refurbish and even revive to a prior backup if necessary.

(The ubiquitous essence of what follows also relates to other Android devices, though we’re focussing here on a HP TouchPad.)

Using ROM Manager is flattering simple. The application offers a operation of options, traffic with recovery, ROM management, backup and revive and also offers some additional utilities.

 Backup, Restore, And Update Android On The HP TouchPad

ROM Manager should seem in a Apps list on your HP TouchPad after installing Ice Cream Sandwich. If it isn’t, simply revisit Google Play, hunt for a app and implement it.

 Backup, Restore, And Update Android On The HP TouchPad

To use ROM Manager successfully we will need to configure ClockworkMod Recovery. If we followed a prior beam for installing Android on your TouchPad, we will find that this is really simple. Select a Flash ClockworkMod Recovery choice in ROM Manager, usurpation cm_tenderloin as your “phone model”. Next, a inscription will ask “Have we commissioned a ClockworkMod formed liberation manually?” Select Yes for this option, and afterwards name ClockworkMod 2.x to proceed.

Backup Your TouchPad with ROM Manager

Before installing a new ROM (the name given to an handling complement image), we should backup a now commissioned chronicle of Android. In ROM Manager, corkscrew down to Backup and Restore and name a Backup Current ROM option.

Your device will ask confirmation; click OK and a TouchPad will reboot. As it boots adult again, a information is corroborated up; this might take a while, so leave your device alone until a routine is completed.

Once done, Android will foot as normal, and you’ll be protected in a believe that there is a backup of a OS prepared to implement (or “flash”) in a eventuality of problems.

Download and Install a New Android ROM

Finding a new ROM for your HP TouchPad is a box of going to and selecting one of a many new – and if we can, fast – nightly releases. This should afterwards be downloaded to your computer, and copied to your HP TouchPad. If you’re mobile, however, we can also download directly to your TouchPad. Save a record in a cminstall folder (created when we commissioned Android previously) and mislay a prior ZIP record if it is still there (from that your stream Android designation was installed).

All we need to do now is open ROM Manager, name Install ROM from SD Card, name a suitable ROM, remembering to name Wipe Data and Cache and Wipe Dalvik Cache before clicking OK.

 Backup, Restore, And Update Android On The HP TouchPad

(Note that in new builds of Ice Cream Sandwich for a HP TouchPad, a GooManager app will warning we to new updates and download them for you, as good as handling installation. This program also enables we to crop for concordant ROMs that can be commissioned around a Flash ROMs option.)

Manage and Restore Backups

If there is something about a new ROM that we don’t like, however, worry not – there is an event to revive a prior backup regulating ROM Manager.

 Backup, Restore, And Update Android On The HP TouchPad

Under a Backup and Restore section, we will be find a Manage and Restore Backups item. By drumming this we will see a list of backups that have been formerly created. All we need to do is daub a one that corresponds with a date and time that we educated Android to make a backup and afterwards name Restore from a menu (you can also Rename and Delete backups regulating this screen).

Once a preference is made, endorse your choice and a TouchPad will restart; as a inscription boots adult again, a backup will be restored!


With a consistent growth that is holding place in delivering Android to a HP TouchPad, changes are done on an roughly daily basis. Nightly ROM builds denote this perfectly, so we should be wakeful of how elementary it is to backup, ascent and if required revive a prior Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM to your TouchPad.

Note that your user information should sojourn inexperienced by these changes. Any problems with apps can be resolved by stealing them and afterwards downloading again from a Play Store. Using a Downloads menu object will concede we to fast find program formerly downloaded, saving we time.

ROM Manager and ClockworkMod Recovery offer what is substantially a slickest ascent knowledge of any platform, though remember that problems can occur. In this situation, don’t panic – restart a device, foot into webOS and use a webOS Doctor to solve a issue.

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