InsertCoin HTC ONE v3.0-1 GoogleEdition Android 4.3

3.0-1 – Android 4.3 base 3.06.1700.1 props graffixnyc – unsercured boot.img – rooted with SuperSu – ramdisk tweaks – persistent ADB enabled – battery life, performance and memory improvements – sysrw / ro binaries; system is mounted RW – init.d support – stripped debugging – apks: stripped debugging code and optimized – advanced power menu – optional disable ugly 3-dot black bar (use only if you have kernel w/ l2m) – optional volume wake – optional blue circle % battery – optional xposed framework – optional disabled fast dormancy – optional disable software rendering – optional disable bytecode verification – SQL DB vacuum – zipaligned on boot – fstrim on boot – many many more

InsertCoin Nightly Project (useful for those who always want the latest and greatest. and dont always want to download 900 zips) Project Home Repository Commits Log Wiki: How to set up SVN and build rom

Custom Full ROM

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