Samsung Galaxy S3 is stuck on boot logo?

Question by Izerel: Samsung Galaxy S3 is stuck on boot logo?
I need some help!! I rooted my GS3 2 days ago and my dumb*$ $ was playing around with it. I downloaded Rom Manager and I think I did something that made my phone reboot and now it’s stuck on the Samsung Boot Logo. i tried to look up anything I can online to fix this problem but so far I haven’t found anything. Is there anything i can do to get pass the logo screen or am i screwed?

Note: It’s a SG3 by T-mobile SGH-T999
I can access the download mode screen (Pressing VOLUME Down + HOME + POWER button). So idk if that helps. I’m thinkng about taking it to a phone repair shop so maybe they can fix it.

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Answer by NARNTEK
The phone is what it’s called BRICKED. This basically means you cannot recover your phone whatsoever without reinstalling the whole Android software. in Otherwords, it’s fried. Don’t mess with ROMs when your phone is rooted. It’s something really only programmers can do. If the phone doesn’t come with the option automatically, then it probably shouldn’t be done by the consumer that is using the product.

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