Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 5

By installing a custom ROM on your Nexus 5, you can enhance its performance, enjoy new features, custom tweaks and mods. Because it’s a very popular device, there is no scarcity of ROMs for the Nexus 5. Keeping in view that too many ROMs might confuse users while selecting a good ROM for their device, we tested about 10 of them just to find out the best ones. So, here comes our list of some of the best Nexus 5 custom ROMs.

1. CyanogenMod 11 ROM for Nexus 5 Developer: CM Team

CyanogenMod 11 Nexus 5 Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 5

Since the ROM is still in early stages, you will not get features like ribbons and PIE launcher. These and other features will hopefully be added in the upcoming releases. The ROM has a Performance tool under Settings where you can set CPU Governor, Minimum and Maximum CPU frequency, edit I/O scheduler, manage RAM memory and apply 16bit transparency in graphics.

Besides, the ROM also allows you to customize various elements of your phone UI such as Status bar, Quick Settings panel, Notification drawer, toggle Expanded desktop, navigation buttons and layout and quick launch shortcuts, etc.

The most interesting things, and a typical CyanogenMod feature, is the capability of theming that you can enjoy with this ROM. The Google Play store many themes that are compatible with CM II. I tested 5 themes and they all worked flawlessly. In the screenshots, you can get a glimpse of the Neon Colors.

Downloads: How to Install: 2. Cataclysm ROM for Nexus 5 ROM Review: Cataclysm is another good ROM for the Nexus 5 that deserves attention. The ROM gives you a pure Google experience supplemented with some striking features. Since it’s a hybrid of Nexus 5 stoc image and AOSP, you need not flash the Google Apps separately. Performance wise it’s fantastic. Thanks to the custom tweaking and system optimizations, Cataclysm is fast and yields a decent battery life.

Cataclysm ROM for Nexus 5 does not have a Theme Chooser like the Cyanogen but it  boasts of a long list of features which have been mentioned below:

Download: Note: The ROM does not require flashing Google Apps as they are already included in the ROM itself.

How to Install: 3. Purity ROM for Nexus 5 ROM Review: Purity is an AOSP source based custom ROM for Nexus 5. It give you stock Nexus experience together with a wide range of options for customization. The ROM’s performance is fast, stable and has a good battery life. Purity features a whole bunch of options under system settings that lets you personalize things like Quick Settings, Notification drawer, Power menu, Navigation bar, Quick launch shortcuts and the lockscreen. Below, we have listed some of the main features that you will enjoy after flashing Purity on your Nexus 5.

Downloads: How to Install: 4. will be added soon…

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